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Chimney Repair in NJ

How Do I Know If My Chimney Needs Repair?

Signs That Your Chimney Needs Repair

Having a home with a chimney means you've got some responsibilities, and keeping up with regular maintenance is super important to make sure everything stays safe and works well. As time goes on, chimneys can have different problems pop up that need a professional to take a look at.

Even though your chimney might not seem super important, it could actually be a big deal for your house. If your chimney isn’t working right, it could cause big problems. It’s really important to keep your family and home safe. So, you should know what to check for to make sure your chimney is okay. If you’re not sure if your chimney needs fixing, keep reading to find out what signs to watch for.


Efflorescence is just a fancy word for white stains and discoloration on your chimney. If you notice this happening, it means there’s too much moisture building up, and you need to fix it right away. Just cleaning the stains won’t fix the problem. You have to get rid of the efflorescence quickly to stop your chimney from getting worse and damaging your home.


Spalling is another fancy word in masonry that’s closely connected to efflorescence. It basically means that because of too much moisture (from efflorescence), parts of your chimney’s masonry break, flake off, and crumble. To spot spalling, just go outside and look for pieces coming off your chimney. If you see it, get experts to fix your chimney right away. Ignoring spalling can make your chimney decay quickly and even wreck your roof and home eventually.


Rust is another issue caused by moisture getting into your chimney. When parts like flue tiles have a breach, they can rust. Moisture can also reach other parts like the firebox and damper, leading to rusting. If your damper isn’t working well or sealing properly, it could be a sign of rust starting. If you see rust on your firebox or damper, contact professionals to fix it fast. It’s crucial to solve this problem because a cracked chimney can lead to house fires that might destroy your home.


Let’s talk about “shaling,” another term used in the industry, which relates to the inside of your chimney. If you see bits of your chimney gathering at the bottom of your fireplace, you’ve got a shaling problem. This indicates that your flue might be damaged. It’s likely a problem with the flue lining, so it’s smart to have an expert check it out. To avoid shaling, make sure to get your fireplace inspected every year. Chimney sweeps and pros can spot and fix potential issues that you might not notice yourself.

Wallpaper Damage

If you see damaged wallpaper around your fireplace, it’s usually a clear sign that your chimney needs fixing. This happens because there’s probably too much moisture in your chimney, which could be caused by some of the other issues we’ve talked about earlier. Damaged wallpaper near the fireplace is a big warning sign that there are deeper problems with your chimney that need to be fixed right away.

 Cracked Chimney Crown

To find this problem, head up to your roof. The top part of your chimney, called the crown, is really important because it shields your chimney from the weather. Without it, your chimney would get soaked by rain, snow, and other outdoor stuff. If the crown is cracked, it can cause a lot of trouble. Water can sneak into those cracks, freeze, and make them bigger, causing even more cracks. If this keeps happening, your chimney could collapse eventually. Damaged crowns can also let water and other stuff ruin the inside of your chimney, leading to shaling and spalling. It’s best to have a pro weatherproof your chimney crown, and the chimney itself, to make sure it stays strong against the weather and keeps your home safe.

If signs your chimney needs repair, such as crumbling mortar or stained walls around the fireplace, are evident from water damage, it's time to schedule a chimney inspection with a certified chimney sweep to assess the need for repairs.

If your chimney is seriously damaged, it might have to be need repairs or entirely rebuilt. The only way to know for sure what kind of damage your chimney has and how bad it is, is to have a professional chimney inspection done every year. Your inspector can then suggest the best way to fix the problem. Regular inspections are crucial to catch common signs of water damage and masonry damage early on. If your chimney shows signs your chimney needs repair, such as leaky chimneys or critical signs of deterioration, it’s time to schedule a chimney inspection to see if repairs are required. During a chimney inspection, experts will thoroughly assess the condition of your chimney and recommend necessary repairs if your chimney needs repairs, to prevent further damage.

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