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New America is here to help you with every aspect of your house exterior, from siding installation, siding replacements, Soffits and Fascia Installations and Gutters Installation in all North and Central Jersey area.

When selecting a siding contractor, it’s important to do your research and choose a reliable and experienced professional. Here are some tips to help you choose the right siding contractor:

  • Ask for referrals: Begin by asking your family, friends, neighbors, homeowners association, or real estate agent if they know a reliable siding contractor who can deliver quality workmanship
  • Check online reviews: You can also check online reviews on third-party websites like Google, Facebook and Trustpilot to get an idea of the contractor’s reputation.
  • Compare quotes: To get the best value from your contractor, you may want to compare quotes from more than one siding contractor. When you request a quote, you can decide the best value based on workmanship, communication, and professionalism.
  • Check for insurance and licensing: Before you allow anyone to work on your property, it’s vital that you ask about their insurance and licenses. The contractor should provide you with proof of liability coverage, property damage coverage, and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Choose a local contractor: Choosing a local siding contractor can help with getting someone that takes pride in their work and wants to establish a good reputation in their community. Local companies with a long track record of serving your area are usually the best choice.
  • Ask for examples of completed jobs: Ask the contractor for examples of jobs they’ve completed and referrals and reviews you can look at. Testimonials and examples of the completed work are invaluable while hunting for quality siding contractors.
  • Check for experience: Choose an expert with years of siding projects under their belt. Avoid hiring a general contractor or handyman who doesn’t specialize in siding.
  • Consider the siding brands and products used: Look for siding companies that offer a variety of siding replacement materials, so you have several options to consider. Also, consider if the contractor installs the type of siding you want to use.


Siding Installer

Types of Contractors

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There are many handyman contractors in New Jersey that offer a variety of services, including appliance installation, bathroom remodeling, carpentry, painting, plumbing, roofing and Siding but this type of contractor usually does not have licenses, insurance and don´t have qualifications or certifications to validate their knowledge and work.

General Contractor

General Contractor offer a wide range of services, both remodeling and construction. They may or may not have license and insurance for all of the services they provide. These type of contractors focus on one or two services which they get licensed to but offer other services within the scope of work.

Home Improvement Contractor

Home Improvement Contractors must be licensed by the Consummer Affairs Department of NJ, they are required to have a insurance of liability and provide warranty of their work for all of the services that they provide. Their insurance must cover all of the services they offer and these type of contractors must have certifications of the type of service they provide.

James Hardie Siding Contractor

New America Construction

Hardie Installer

ames Hardie is a manufacturer of fiber cement siding and backerboard, New America Construction is partner iwth James Hardie as a trained and certified James Hardie Contractor.

The program recognizes Elite Preferred and Preferred Contractors who meet certain criteria, including compliance with installation best practices, professional sales approach, satisfactory credit report, state licensed, liability insurance, workman’s compensation insurance, and satisfactory background check.

New America Construction is a New Jersey siding contractor that installs various types of siding, including vinyl, fiber cement, board and batten, Provia, Monogram, and Mainstreet.

Siding Companies

How to Select your Siding Contractor

Home Remodeling

Interviewing a siding contractor is an important step in ensuring that you hire a qualified and reliable professional for your project. Here are some questions to ask during the interview process:

  1. Can you provide references from previous customers? Asking for references is a great way to get an idea of the contractor’s work quality and professionalism. Follow up with the references to ask about their experience working with the contractor.
  2. Are you licensed and insured? It is important to ensure that the contractor has the necessary licenses and insurance to work on your property. Ask for proof of liability coverage, property damage coverage, and workers’ compensation insurance.
  3. What is your experience with the type of siding I want to install? Different types of siding require different installation techniques and expertise. Make sure the contractor has experience with the type of siding you want to install.
  4. What is your process for handling unexpected issues or changes during the project? It is important to know how the contractor will handle unexpected issues or changes that may arise during the project.
  5. What is the timeline for the project? Ask the contractor for an estimated start and end date for the project, as well as any factors that may affect the timeline.
  6. What is the payment schedule? Ask the contractor about their payment schedule and when payments will be due throughout the project.
  7. Who will be working on the project? Ask the contractor who will be working on the project and if they use subcontractors.
  8. What is your warranty or guarantee for the work? Ask the contractor about their warranty or guarantee for the work and what it covers.
  9. How do you handle cleanup and disposal of materials? Make sure the contractor has a plan for cleaning up and disposing of materials after the project is complete.
  10. What sets you apart from other siding contractors? Ask the contractor what makes them unique and why you should choose them for your project.

Siding Types

Types of Siding

Siding Installation

Stucco Siding


  • Stucco is fire-resistant and can provide a high level of protection from fires.
  • Stucco is durable and can last for up to 50 years under desired conditions.
  • Stucco is pest-resistant and can help prevent infestations.
  • Stucco can be mixed with color, which lasts longer than other sidings.
  • Stucco is low-maintenance and does not require painting.


  • Stucco is porous and can absorb moisture, which can lead to damage and unsightly dark spots.
  • Stucco can crack over time, which can be costly to repair.
  • Stucco can be more expensive than other siding materials.

Vinyl Siding


  • Vinyl siding is affordable and cost-effective compared to other siding materials.
  • Vinyl siding is easy to install and lightweight, which can save time and money on installation.
  • Vinyl siding is highly insulative and can help reduce energy costs.
  • Vinyl siding is low maintenance and does not require painting.


  • Vinyl siding may not be suitable for historic homes or homes with unique architectural features, as it can flatten the exterior and obscure special molding and trim.
  • Vinyl siding may lower the resale value of a home, as some buyers view it as inferior to other siding materials.

Fiber Cement Siding


  • Fiber cement siding is highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, including wind, rain, and hail.
  • Fiber cement siding is low maintenance and does not require painting.
  • Fiber Cement is a very strong material.
  • Fiber cement siding is available in a variety of colors and styles, including options that mimic the look of wood, brick, and stone.


  • Fiber cement siding can be more expensive than other siding materials, such as vinyl.
  • Fiber cement siding can be challenging to install which might take longer to install that regular sidings like aluminum or vinyl.

Aluminum Siding


  • Aluminum siding is waterproof and provides excellent home protection against moisture problems.
  • Aluminum siding is lightweight and easy to install, which can save time and money on installation.
  • Aluminum siding is recyclable and considered a green building material.


  • Aluminum siding tends to dent and scratch easily, and replacing a single panel or even a section of panels can prove difficult both from a construction standpoint as well as from the point of view of matching existing colors.
  • Aluminum siding may permit moisture below the surface, which can lead to mold and mildew growth.
  • Aluminum siding may not be as durable as other sidings.

Ascend Siding


  • Ascend composite cladding is made of a blend of high-density resin and mineral filler, which makes it strong, durable, and resistant to rot, insects, and weather damage.
  • Ascend composite cladding is low maintenance and requires only occasional cleaning with a hose and a soft-bristled brush to keep it looking its best.
  • Ascend composite cladding is energy-efficient and can contribute to lower energy consumption.


  • Ascend composite cladding may be more expensive than other siding materials.

James Hardie Siding


  • James Hardie siding is insect and rot-resistant, fire resistant and it´s proven to be durable against harsh weather conditions, including wind, rain, and hail.
  • James Hardie siding is customizable and can be molded into numerous shapes and thicknesses.
  • James Hardie siding is energy-efficient and can contribute to lower energy consumption, which results in cheaper utility bills and a more comfortable home atmosphere.
  • James Hardie offers one of the best warranties to the homeowners.


  • James Hardie siding can be more expensive than other sidings.
  • James Hardie siding requires professional installation, which can add to the overall cost.

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