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What is The Correct Maintenance for Brick and Stone Exteriors?

Masonry Exterior

Brick and stone are exceptionally durable, and structures made from these materials can endure for generations. A masonry home has the potential to last for centuries, surpassing even its owner's lifetime, but only with proper maintenance.

Brick and stone stand as highly resilient construction materials. Homeowners often opt for masonry siding due to its enduring nature and minimal upkeep requirements. However, durability doesn’t guarantee invincibility. To preserve your home’s exterior over the long term, it’s crucial to heed these guidelines and safeguard your investment.

The good news is that performing regular maintenance on your bricks and stones can prevent costly repairs down the line. Here are some steps you can take to maintain your brick or stone home.

Inspect It Annually

Spotting masonry issues early is essential in preventing costly problems. To steer clear of expensive repairs, it’s crucial to annually inspect your masonry, including the caulking and mortar, for any signs of damage. Keep an eye out for the following problems in your bricks and stones:

  • Water damage
  • Bowing and bulging
  • Crumbling and cracking
  • Moss, mildew, and mold
  • Spalling
  • Blocked weep holes
  • Plant growth


Keeping It Clean

It’s common knowledge that bricks and stones accumulate dirt over time. You might even observe a powdery substance, known as efflorescence, on the surface of your masonry. Efflorescence occurs when salt dissolves and evaporates on the stone’s surface, signaling the need for sealing your masonry.

Fortunately, a comprehensive cleaning can eliminate dirt, efflorescence, and watermarks from bricks and stones. You can hand clean or rinse with the hose. Use a synthetic or natural brush to scrub the masonry with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Avoid using a wire brush as it may leave behind steel fragments that could rust and cause discoloration. It’s advisable to clean the masonry promptly upon noticing efflorescence, mold, mildew, or discoloration to prevent the need for using a power washer, which could harm mortar and caulking. Aim to clean your exterior masonry at least once a year.

Use Sealant for Protection

Once you’ve cleaned your brick or stone and allowed it to dry, it’s recommended to seal it with a silane- or siloxane-based sealant. This method effectively safeguards your home for the future by preventing moisture from penetrating the brick, thereby extending the lifespan of your exterior.

Additionally, using the appropriate sealant can help shield your home from the freeze-thaw cycle during winter. This type of sealant acts more as a repellent than a traditional sealant, allowing masonry to breathe and regulate temperatures. This prevents water from freezing between bricks and stones, and also protects materials from heat damage.

Keep a Watchful Eye

Regularly inspecting the exterior of your home is crucial for protecting it. Take the time to look around periodically and check the condition of your siding. Detecting issues early can help you save money in the long term.

Cleaning is essential for maintaining the best appearance and longevity of a building with a masonry exterior, especially when considering restoration efforts.

Proper cleaning of brick and stone exteriors is best achieved through hand cleaning or rinsing with a hose, as part of scheduled maintenance throughout the year. For a masonry exterior, including brick and stone exteriors, regular cleaning is crucial for the best appearance and preservation of the house. A sturdy brick exterior adds both charm and durability to a home’s foundation. Scheduled maintenance plays a vital role in the restoration and upkeep of brick exteriors, ensuring the best results in masonry maintenance. 

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