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How Many Kinds Of Siding Are There And How To Choose The Right One For Your Home by New America Construction

How Many Kinds Of Siding Are There And How To Choose The Right One For Your Home?

Siding is an important part of making your home durable and eye-catching. Siding styles, materials, and colors are just a few of the numerous variables to think about before making this move.

Of course, it’s simpler to say than to actually do. Choosing siding for your home might be difficult due to the wide variety of available alternatives.

Fortunately, we have outlined the benefits and drawbacks of a number of popular siding options for your house. You’ll be able to choose the ideal siding for your house and your needs by the time you finish reading this article.

Vinyl Siding

For a number of good reasons, vinyl siding is frequently used for residential construction. For starters, vinyl siding is a common material that has widespread recognition.

It’s a sure bet that homeowners will be familiar with the product, making it a sound investment on their part. It’s an economical choice and, as a result, one of the cheapest siding materials available.

This means it won’t last as long as other siding materials. Nonetheless, it is available in a rainbow color, which further appeals to consumers.

Vinyl siding costs about 11 percent less than cedar siding, and 26 percent less than aluminum, according to Rod Matthews, business manager/siding for Toledo, Ohio-based Owens Corning.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Now let’s talk about insulated vinyl. Insulation is integrated into the panel’s ridge, setting it distinct from standard vinyl in that regard.

Having the insulation installed in this manner results in better insulation and a more stable indoor temperature, both of which can save energy costs. It also makes the siding more long-lasting, which might save money on maintenance and siding replacement.

You can consult with any Siding Contractor in Woodland Park New Jersey.

LP SmartSide

Incredibly long-lasting, LP SmartSide is engineered hardwood. This siding is so well made that it comes with a 50-year guarantee because of how long it will last. Also, the finishing firm backs its work with a lifetime warranty.

As a result, the additional cost of this siding will be money well spent in the long run. The addition of LP SmartSide can increase your home’s worth even if you don’t intend to stay there for the next half-century.

When compared to vinyl, this siding material may be painted whenever you grow tired of the current color, wish to give your home a facelift, or want to try your hand at a new color trend.

Basically, any shade may be achieved, so your options are endless. With LP SmartSide siding, you may have any color you choose on your house. You should consult with Certified Siding Contractors.

Hardie Board Siding

You would be correct in assuming that cement-based siding is highly long-lasting. The Hardie Board siding is built to withstand the harshest conditions and can even withstand impacts from vehicles.

James Hardie, in contrast to LP SmartSide, paints its siding in-house, guaranteeing uniformity throughout the company. You may pick any color you want and they have a guarantee that lasts 30 years.

Fiber Cement Siding

Since its introduction in the 1980s, this siding option—which is formed from water, cement, sand, and fibers—has grown in popularity. Because it contains a number of materials, it might be referred to as composite siding.

Many colors, patterns, and designs are available with fiber cement siding. Many homeowners choose composite siding (fiber cement) because it is inexpensive and can be painted to match the exterior of the house or to create a whole new look.

In spite of its protective qualities, fiber cement siding is not often recognized as the most energy-efficient option. Because the cement sand material is so thin, fiber cement house siding does poorly here.

Natural Wood Siding

Real wood shingles have an innate beauty that cannot be replicated by any other siding material. The west is particularly strong in the number of homeowners who choose real wood shingles.

Many people who opt against synthetic materials pick them because it has the feel and appearance that synthetic materials lack.

Even though it may be an investment, installing wood shingles is a good long-term investment. The versatility of giving your home a new look with paint is one of the many advantages of wood siding.

To improve the appearance from the outside, staining or re-staining is another option. While beautiful and durable, wood siding does come with certain drawbacks, such as a hefty initial investment.

Maintenance for natural wood siding is also substantial. Wood shingles, other than cedar shakes, should be repainted or restained every 7-10 years, depending on the condition of the wood.

Keep an eye out for holes in your shingles or other telltale indications of damage to prevent rodents and insects like termites from entering your home.

Metal Siding

Metal is quickly becoming the material of choice for both siding and roofing in modern residences. Metal siding is pricey initially, but it pays for itself in the long run because of its durability and longevity.

If a home’s Siding Installers have to be changed, the old components may be recycled into new siding or other metal products, making metal a fantastic choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. Typical roofing materials last in landfills for centuries.

Pests, mildew, and fire can’t harm metal siding. Despite its sturdiness, metal siding can be damaged by rust (in the case of steel siding) or dents (primarily for aluminum siding).

Good news for homeowners: neither termites nor annoying rodents can gnaw through steel siding. Metal siding also comes with the added benefits of durability and longevity, and it can be made to look like any other sort of siding.


Vinyl, engineered wood, cedar shingles, composite, and more are just some of the various siding alternatives we’ve discussed for your home.

Even with the information shown above, it may still be difficult to decide on a side type.

We advise getting an inspection of your house or company from a reliable local contractor or Vinyl Siding Installation in Woodland Park NJ before spending money on the siding.

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