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Repair or replace your vinyl siding by New America Construction

Repair or Replace Your Vinyl Siding

Does Your Home Need a Facelift?

Is it time to replace all of your sidings or get them repaired? Have our certified siding contractors come out and help you make the right call, today.

Siding protects your home, but what can you do if it’s no longer doing its job?

Are you one of the many who aren’t sure about your siding’s age? It’s forgivable, as most people don’t know. Some can’t remember when they last had the siding replaced or repaired, while others just bought a pre-existing home. In this case, they’ll have no clue when the original owners installed the siding.

Knowing when it was installed isn’t important… Knowing the signs that it needs to be replaced or just repaired is.

We’ll help you learn how to spot if it’s time to repair or replace in this post!

Vinyl Siding… Lasts Forever, Right?

It can be hard to resist the appeal of never needing to repaint your home. Manufacturers post that, once installed, your house will never need another whitewash or fresh layer. They also highlight the boons of vinyl siding, cutting down on the work you need to do when maintaining your home’s exterior.

All these benefits make vinyl siding even more enticing. It’s different from pine board siding or cedar siding, as it will never rot, and the paint will never flake. To make it even more appealing, it costs about 11% less in Woodland Park, NJ, than cedar siding and about 26% less than aluminum, according to some experts.

On top of that enticing price, they come in an extensive range of colors and even textures. Some of these textures will make it look just like wood.

While these benefits are a big deal, and a reason for manufacturers to brag – the reality of how long it lasts is slightly different than what they spout off. Just like every other material, vinyl can only last so long.

Indeed, vinyl is much more durable than other siding materials. As a result of this, it’s becoming a popular siding option all over the world. Not only is it more durable, thanks to the blend of PVC resin and other ingredients to impart color, opacity, gloss, impact resistance, flexibility, and durability.

All of these are great reasons to pick vinyl siding, especially when compared to the other options available.

But Even Vinyl Siding Has A Limit on It´s Life Span

The biggest thing that sells homeowners is that it’s permanent… However, things happen.

For example, wind can get under the vinyl siding and pull it off the structure. Flying debris like twigs, rocks, or hail can puncture it.

While modern vinyl siding is much stronger than its predecessors, it can still be cracked by standard equipment you use to maintain your lawn, like a lawnmower or a snowblower.

Yes, it’s durable – thanks to how two layers of PVC are laid down in a continuous extrusion process. The top layer is a weatherable and more durable material. This layer usually comprises up to 25% of the siding thickness. The capstock is the upper layer and can contain about 10% titanium dioxide, depending upon the color; of course, this provides resistance to breaking down from UV light exposure. That lower layer, also known as substrate, is usually made up of about 15% ground limestone, which is calcium carbonate–which helps with its strength.

While this is all true, vinyl is rugged and robust; many homeowners need to remember to check on their siding. You should be checking it every year, and fall is a perfect time to do so. It would help to thoroughly inspect your vinyl siding as you prepare the rest of your home for winter. Most homeowners are doing similar maintenance this time of year; just as you prepare your gutter and chimney, you should remember to check your siding.

Troubling Signs to be Aware of.

Many homeowners remember to ensure their heater is working before the winter season. However, they usually need to remember to check whether their siding is ready to withstand those harsh winter elements, like ice, snow, and strong winds.

This easy oversight doesn’t happen because people aren’t taking care of their properties–perhaps they’ve just put too much faith in the manufacturers’ promise that it’ll last forever.

When checking your siding, look for tiny cracks and minor hail damage – these smaller problems can easily be fixed by one of our certified siding contractors. If your cracks have been left to fester for a while, your siding may need more extensive repairs.

Sometimes water can seep through those cracks and cause damage to the underlying materials. As you can see some damage by checking your siding regularly, it may be time to call us out to check to make sure that cosmetic damage didn’t cause additional problems. One of our certified contractors will be able to guide you on whether you need to replace or you can repair the damage.

If you know the age of your siding, and it’s 10+ years old, you may also want to think about replacing it with the help of our certified siding contractors.

What Should You do?

If you’ve been neglecting your home’s siding, it may be time to get somebody out there to inspect it, even if you are considering selling your home.

The appearance of your siding will directly contribute to your home’s resale value and curb appeal. Not only is it essential for appearances, but it’s also the first line of defense for your home. Given enough time and neglect, it can lead to a series of problems. Given enough time, these problems can lead to extensive structural damage that will make it dangerous for you to live there.

We understand you want to ensure your home has sufficient protection – without emptying your wallet. It can be cost-detrimental to make a minor repair when in truth, you need all-new siding… But exercising caution when deciding if you need a minor fix or a total replacement is understandable.

You will want one of our contractors to help walk you through the process and help you make the right choice for you, your family, and your home.

Sometimes something that may seem like a small problem, like a bit of water damage on your vinyl siding – is a bigger disaster waiting to happen. Even just a little bit of water damage can mean that there’s mold, fungus, rotting, rust, swelling, and warping.

This is a problem to address immediately.

Who to Trust?

It’s a big and sometimes costly decision to repair or replace your home’s vinyl siding. There can be so many options out there flooding the internet – that’s why you should trust our certified siding contractors here at New America Construction.

We service homes in Woodland Park, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas! Call for our expert assistance – TODAY!

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